Through photography, Kate is interested in exploring unseen yet felt phenomena relating to healing and connectedness within community and environment contexts. Through long-term field-research, she aims to translate and transfer found energy into photographically aligned forms and concepts.

‘Kate Robertson’s practice evokes alchemic sensibilities through the transformation of material and physical states. Her sensitivities to material are felt through processes and explorations of analogue and digital photographic concepts and processes. Incorporating traditional and alternative developing methods, she employs studio, darkroom and on-location practices alongside lens and lens-less capturing methods. Lumen printing and photograms are digitised, metamorphosing multiple photographic techniques, articulating a fluid and idiosyncratic language.  These processes highlight the sensory modes through which a certain healing may be felt. 

Informed by the rituals and inner-workings of communities closely connected to the natural environment, Robertson aims to translate and transfer visually imperceptible yet felt energy conjured from these groups into new pictorial formats. She channels their approaches and phenomena of healing into numinous visuals through long-term field-research, documentation and participatory engagement. 

This sharing of natural healing knowledge underpins her practice and may be found where meandering networks of string create a sacred mapping of self and community; where dust storms sweep majestically across the pictorial screen to reveal a spiritual collective consciousness; where dancing circles of eddying orbs reflect terrestrial and heavenly balance; where the magical medicinal properties of plants seep latent memories into a new form.

The photograph is more than memory; it is felt. Robertson captures residual artefacts and imprints of lived experience and communicates the very livingness of the image through its transformative healing power'.

Written by Jake Treacy.


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