2015 - Commenced PhD (Art), RMIT (Chronicling Community: Ethics, Embodiment and Connectedness in Photography)
2012   Master of Arts (Research), RMIT
2006   Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), Victorian College of the Arts
2005   Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography, Victorian College of the Arts
2001   Bachelor of Arts (Photography), RMIT

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Recording the medicinal plants of Siwai, Bougainville, Jarvis Dooney Galerie, Berlin, European Month of Photography Festival
2017 Recording the medicinal plants of Siwai, Bougainville, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne
2016 Recording the medicinal plants of Siwai, Bougainville, Photobook Melbourne, Melbourne
2014   Celestial Body Model, Edmund Pearce, Melbourne
2014 Cosmic Walk and Other Learnings, All Nations Foyer, Whitehorse Artspace, Melbourne
2013   Cosmic Walk and Other Learnings, neospace, Melbourne
2012   Dust Landscapes, Edmund Pearce, Melbourne
2012 Dust Landscapes, RMIT School of Art Galleries, Melbourne
2011 Explorations of an Other Space, Techno Park Studios, Melbourne
2009 After the gold rush, c3 contemporary art space, Melbourne
2009 Camera no 4, Gertrude slide, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2019 Kagalalo, PNG Human Rights Film Festival, Madang, Lae, Goroko & Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
2018 Seven Year Itch, Chapter House Lane, Melbourne
2018 Territories, Pingyao Photography Festival, China
2018 Utopian Tongues, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2018 Women in the Whitehorse Art Collection, Whitehorse Artspace, Melbourne
2017 De Faun, NUCLEUS, imagining science, Noorderlicht Photofestival, Netherlands
2017 Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne
2017 B-SIDE, Blindside, Melbourne
2017 A Field Guide to the Stars, Municipal Observatory and Museum, Ballarat international foto biennale
2017 ICON, Richmond Town Hall, Melbourne
2017 Behind the Lens: 130 years of RMIT Photography, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne & Pingyao Photography Festival, China
2016 New Matter, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
2016 Victory, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
2016 Land Dialogues, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
2016 AETHER, Jarvis Dooney, Berlin, Germany
2015 Space Jamz, Humble Arts Foundation
2015 Faux Fair, c3 contemporary art space, Melbourne
2015 The Alchemists, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
2015 as if light could be translated, Firstdraft, Sydney
2015 f generation: feminism, art, progressions, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Photo London, Galerie Pavlova, London
2015 Garnkiny to Ganyu: Artists who capture the night, Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre, Katherine, Northern Territory
2015 Transduction #18 (Technopia Tours), Pause Festival, ACMI, Melbourne
2014 Holy Lands, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2014 awesome repeat x infinity bonus ;-o, Trocadero Artspace, Melbourne
2014 Trancendental, Galerie Pavlova, Berlin
2014 Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne
2014 View from the Window, Edmund Pearce, Melbourne
2014 Fixed Object, Wellington St Projects, Sydney
2014 Transforming Landscape, Wallflower Photomedia Gallery, Mildura
2013 Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne
2013 The Dark Arts, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne
2013 White Balance, Edmund Pearce, Melbourne (with Danica Chappell)
2013 This Has Been, c3 contemporary art space, Melbourne
2012 Sub $1000, Edmund Pearce, Melbourne
2012 Outer Space, Neo Space, Melbourne
2012 Creme, RMIT School of Art Galleries, Melbourne
2012 Disrupture, Lightscape Projects, Melbourne
2012 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award, The Arts Centre, Gold Coast
2011 People, Dust and a Whole Lot of Spirit, Rae and Bennett, Melbourne
2011 UNCOVER, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth
2011 Better than Art, King Ari, Melbourne
2010 Matchbox, Federation Square, Melbourne
2010 Endure Everyday, First Site Gallery, Melbourne (with Alysia Rees)
2008 Don’t forget to look at both ends, Kings ARI, Melbourne (with Amanda Schembri)
2008 Calamitous, Sentinel Gallery, Brooklyn, New York City
2008 Things at Kings, Kings ARI, Melbourne
2007 L’equilibrio sulla merda, TCB art Inc., Melbourne (with Michael Ciavarella)
2007 ART$MASH II, Victoria Park Gallery, Melbourne
2007 Girls say no to White Gloves, Blindside, Melbourne
2007 Melbourne Operatic, Te-Tuhi The Mark, Auckland
2007 Obscura, TCB art Inc., Melbourne
2007 Keith & Elizabeth Murdoch Fellowship, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2006 VCA Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
2006 grasp control., Victoria Park Gallery, Melbourne
2006 JAM, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne
2006 ART$MASH, Victoria Park Gallery, Melbourne

Awards / Grants
2018 Arts Project Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
2018  City of Boroondara Individual Achievement Grant
2017  Finalist, Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art
2014   Finalist & Honourable Mention, Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art
2013   Finalist, Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art
2012   Finalist, Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award, Gold Coast Arts Centre
2011   Finalist, UNCOVER (young and emerging artist award), Perth Centre for Photography
2011   RMIT Link Arts Grant
2007   Finalist, Keith & Elizabeth Murdoch Fellowship (Victorian College of the Arts)
2005   Christine Abrahams Award (Victorian College of the Arts)

Residencies / Presentations / Commissions / Workshops
2019 Experimental cameraless photography, Arts Project Australia
2019 Experimental cameraless photography, Centre for Contemporary Photography
2017 'Alchemy', Fabio Ongarato Design and Jackalope Hotels
2016   Echo Chamber presentation, Centre for Contemporary Photography
2015   Mentone Grammar School residency

Book Publication
2018 Kuna Siuwai Pokong, The Kainake Project, Papua New Guinea.

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Art Gallery of New South Wales
Epworth Hospital
Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Centre Permanent Collection
Melbourne Scotch College
Whitehorse Art Collection

Professional Experience
Sessional lecturer at Deakin University (2017 - 2019), RMIT (2014 - 2019), Photography Studies College (2015 - 2016) and Victoria University (2014). 
Community-engaged work with The Kainake Project (2013 - current), Visionary Images (2014 - 2015); Global Cities Research Institute, RMIT (2012); and Moving Galleries, Committee for Melbourne (2007 - 2008).