People, Dust and a Whole lot of Spirit

U  ntitled, 2011, Lars Nissen
Untitled, 2011, Lars Nissen

Opening 6 - 8pm Friday 11 November 2011. Exhibition continues to 16 December. Gallery hours 10am - 5pm Monday - Thursday.

Rae and Bennett, 475 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy, Victoria

“We’re endeavouring to orient ourself in psycho-geographical space - find the market, the art beach, a workshop space or a hundred other aspects. We meet other people in the same disorienting space. And at ConFest, this dis-integrating for re-integrating is repeated over and over as a spontaneous process in transforming patterns,” Dr Mat Peterson, regular ConFest attendee.

People, Dust and a Whole Lot of Spirit is a group exhibition that forms a collection of images, objects and ideas from ConFest. The exhibition is one entry point for understanding the Spirit of ConFest and its disorienting, surrendering, transformative and re-integrating qualities. Moreover, this exhibition is one space for collecting and archiving information on one of the first open alternative healing communities to be initiated in Australia.

During the exhibition opening night, individuals are encouraged to bring along a plate of food to share with others. Artists in the exhibition include Robert Hemingway, Lars Nissen, Dr Mat Peterson, Kate Robertson, Kylee Rusna and more.