NUCLEUS, imagining science / Noorderlicht Photofestival, Netherlands

Excited to be included in NUCLEUS, imagining science, Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2017.

On this 24th Noorderlicht International Photofestival science is a subject as well as a source of inspiration. The human urge to understand and control the world has already led to an unprecedented amount of knowledge given the relatively short time we have been roaming this planet. The achievements of scientific thought have permeated everyone’s lives. This process, which is now already being called the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, will only intensify in the coming years. Artists often ask themselves the same questions as scientists and share many of the same principles like originality, creativity and an open mind. In NUCLEUS the two disciplines will enter into a dialogue with one another.


ICON / Richmond Town Hall

8 August - 27 October

This exhibition responds to significant built heritage, popular culture and history in the City of Yarra. Louise Blyton, Jane Brown, Lizzie Dennis, Fred Fowler, Rona Green, Benjamin Lichtenstein, Jordan Marani, Phuong Ngo, Kate Robertson, David Wadelton, and more. Curated by Cassie May. 

Threading the river (Abbotsford), 2017

Threading the river (Abbotsford), 2017

A Field Guide to the Stars / Ballarat Foto Festival

19 Aug – 17 Sep 2017

Photography and astronomy have an intrinsic relationship, reflected in technical advances and the collective imagination of space. A Field Guide to the Stars is a group exhibition that explores how space might be understood through photomedia.  

The exhibition features the work of Clare Benson, Alex Cherney, Kate Golding, Kate Robertson, Hillary Wiedemann, Rebecca Najdowski and Eric William Carroll.

Pinhead Pluto, 2014

Pinhead Pluto, 2014